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A Source
of Natural Energy

The luxury hotel House of Time is built on land that previously held a Carmelite monastery. As monasteries are known to be built on locations with strong natural and spiritual energy, it’s no surprise to see the area surrounding House of Time—a popular and thriving part of town—exuding artistic energy and innovative ideas.


House of
Joie De Vivre

Before the end of the century, the House of Time in Vienna was famed for its masquerade balls, which allowed Viennese society to freely enjoy the luxuries of life without fear of being recognized. Emperor Franz Joseph I is believed to have anonymously stepped into the wild side here with his friends.
Whether you want to experience the life of luxury during the Roman Empire or relish the pleasures from the East, discover how the passage of time was able to shape House of Time, a luxury residence hotel in Vienna with the most spacious and opulent suites where time stands still.


Count Sandor, a Textbook Bon Vivant

Count Sandor was a man well known in Viennese high society for his devil-may-care attitude, eccentric adventures and public equestrian outings. Through his numerous spellbinding soirees and gatherings at House of Time, he was able to ingratiate himself with the aristocracy.


Incredible Reincarnation as a Luxury Hotel in Vienna

With six world-class architects and designers, House of Time was successfully revamped into a luxury residence and hotel containing five suites, each offering an unparalleled experience. Enjoy the uniqueness each luxury suite has to offer as you enter a different dimension and forget the present time.

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