Rent the Entire Luxury Residence in Vienna

Includes all luxury suites

Experience the ultimate stay in Vienna when you book all five luxury suites, encompassing more than 780 m2 and all highlighted services available throughout your stay. Take full advantage of the House of Time luxury oasis in Vienna by renting the entire residence.

Complete Privacy

Need quality time with your loved ones? Reserve the entire residence and have the complete House of Time to yourself during your stay in Vienna. Rest in the world’s biggest beds—8 ft. X 9 ft—in any of the suites; relax in the Karmel Meditation Room; cook scrumptious dishes in The Kitchen; and have a drink with your friends and family at Club 39, knowing no one unfamiliar will disturb you.

One-of-a-Kind Experience

Explore Austria’s capital at your own pace and create unforgettable memories during your stay. With no one else in the entire residence except for you and your loved ones, stay comfortable and relaxed at all times during your travel. Meanwhile, the all-day complimentary services, which include in-suite gourmet breakfast and free minibar, and world-renowned pieces of art throughout the residence ensure you’ll always enjoy the best of Vienna.

Rent all five luxury suites of the opulent oasis House of Time in Vienna and its facilities for any private event now.

In-suite Amenities

Includes five luxury suites in the House of Time in Vienna, covering more than 780 m2 of living space. Additional beds are available upon request.

8 x 9 ft Sleep bed
Wine Cellar

Rainfall Showers

Fully Equipped Kitchen


Rooftop Terrace

Meditation Room

Open Fire


Office Space

Book the Entire Luxury Residence House of Time

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