Caesar's Paradise - Luxury Suite

Step through the golden doorway

Experience the Architecture of the Ancient Roman Empire at the 150 square meters Caesar’s Paradise luxury suite in Vienna, equipped with a Roman-style bedroom and a Viennese-style terrace, as you’re transported back in time to one of the most influential culture in human history.

The Magnificence of the
Roman Empire

Enter through the sleek, black doors crafted by Rolls Royce and walk on the 3,000-year-old stones originated from the road of Via Appia and the Golden Gates of Paradise as you relish the grandeur experienced by Caesars back in the days. Along the way, reminisce your development stage with the 15 pictures adorning the main wall, covering from pregnancy up until the first three years of our lives.
After a long day, rest your legs on our comfortable, deep red sofa as you sip your exquisite wine and appreciate the serene atmosphere of the city exuded at any time of the day.

Recover Your Energy

Before you end your day, savor your kingly feast on the dining table while you appreciate your romantic Viennese terrace as our monumental 18th-century pendulum clock makes sure that time is on your side. Our all-day gourmet breakfast in the suite and free minibar, at the luxury suite, to ensure you never feel hungry or thirsty at any time of the day.
Freshen up under the rain shower and pamper yourself with Chopard cosmetics as you complete your beauty routine in front of the bathroom’s wide majestic mirror. Finally, recuperate and get ready for another day in Vienna by resting in our Roman bedroom, fitted with the world’s biggest bed at 8 feet by 9 feet.

In-suite Amenities

150 square meters of living space ( 1,615 sq ft )
and terrace, 4 rooms - for 2, additional bed available
on request.
Air Conditioning
Corner sofa
Walk-in Wardobe
Rainfall Shower
Laptop safe
Coffee machine
8 x 9 ft bed
Smart TV
Office space

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