Ultimate Guide for Luxury Travel in Vienna

Ultimate Guide for Luxury Travel in Vienna

Planning on vacationing at Vienna? Enjoy the ultimate luxury travel in Vienna by experiencing unique Viennese activities, from attending the world’s famous Viennese Ball to spending a night at a former imperial palace.

Here are the top 7 activities we’re recommending for the true uniqueness of Vienna.

Viennese Ball

1. Attend a Viennese Ball

One of the top luxury activity in Vienna that has set Austria apart from the rest of the world is the Viennese ball, which runs from mid-November to around March. In fact, there are 400 balls every season, hosted by various professional organizations in the city. Out of 400 balls, the 3 most exclusive and sought after balls are the Wiener Opernball, Hofburg Silvesterball and Vienna Philharmonic Ball.

At these events, you’ll get to witness the debutante process, enjoy a multi-course gala dinner and mingle with the top society in Vienna. With world-class music by the orchestra accompanying your night, the Ball Season in Vienna truly feels like they’ve come straight out of a fairytale.

Find out more information about Viennese ball here.


Schönbrunn Palace

2. Live like royalty at Schönbrunn Palace

Ever wondered how Austrian royalties used to live back in the days? Feel like royalty and experience Austrian imperial grandeur by spending a night (or two) at Schönbrunn Palace, the former summer residence of Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth.

The 167sqm Royal Imperial Suite is fitted with a salon, a living room, a kitchenette, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for the ultimate luxury stay in Vienna. It’s also full of gold, white and black, with wooden elements and the damask design completing the room’s aesthetics. At night, enjoy the magnificent views of the 160-hectare palace gardens and the breathtaking Gloriette and Neptune Fountain from your room.


Vienna Opera

3. Dinner and Opera

It’s no secret that attending an opera show in Vienna is one of the highlights of luxury travel in Vienna. But why settle for a regular opera show if you can enjoy fine dining before listening to world-class orchestra music playing famous tunes of Mozart and Strauss, as well as Baroque music?

One of the popular venues for Dinner and Opera is at Restaurant Bristol and Musikverein Concert Hall. Enjoy a three-course dinner at the former, which was once graced by President Roosevelt, before heading to the latter for Mozart orchestra performances.


vineyard hike wine tasting

4. Private vineyard hike and wine tasting

Vienna has a rich history when it comes to wine and wine tasting. Now, you can do this in the beautiful countryside of Southern Austria for an extra special winery luxury travel in Vienna.

At the wine tour, hike through the stunning vineyards and forests before enjoying an open-air wine tasting of fine Austrian wines. Afterwards, you’ll be brought to one of Austria’s oldest wine villages for lunch, as well as to visit wineries and learn about winemaking.


Vienna Museum

5. After-hour museum tours

Discover how nighttime brings out the hidden beauty in each art piece by going on a private after-hour tour at Kunsthistorisches Museum. Get an in-depth understanding of art and historical pieces with experienced art historians guiding you. 

At the after-hour museum tour, discover private collections, including collections of Greek and Roman Antiques and Habsburgs’ crowns and insignia. You’ll then be taken to the Carriage Museum at Schönbrunn to see the collection of the vehicles used by the Austrian imperial household.

This tour starts from 6:15pm to 8:30pm. For more information about this luxury travel activity in Vienna, please contact the museum directly.


Healthiest Bed

6. Sleep in the World’s Healthiest Bed

Get the ultimate comfort and luxury travel stay in Vienna by sleeping on the world’s healthiest bed, only available at House of Time. Each bed is meticulously crafted and designed for House of Time by Prof. Dr. Günther Amann, an Austrian Sleep Expert, for restful night sleep.

This bed helps prevent headaches and alleviate health issues concerning back pains, while the music pillow reduces stress levels due to improvement in melatonin production.


Helicopter Tours

7. Helicopter Tours

Marvel at the beauty of the Austrian capital city with a luxury helicopter tour in Vienna. Enjoy views of St Stephen's Cathedral, Schloss Schönbrunn and more. For a one-of-kind tour, craft your own routes or request for specific sights.

Find out our recommended helicopter tour providers here.

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