• Sleep in the World's Healthiest Bed

    Experience from the Austrian alps a bed, traditionally crafted the world's biggest and most confortable bed.

Healthiest Beds

Designed by a Sleep Expert

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All Day Gourmet Breakfast

The Healthy Dream Bed as your best investment.

The world's biggest and healthiest bed is designed for up to 4 persons and with a 3% slope, preventing snoring and providing other proven health benefits.

> No snoring
> Improves melatonin production in your brain 
> Music pillow for stress release

Designed by Sleep Expert (Prof. Dr. Günther Amann)

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The bed is crafted and designed by Austrian Sleep Expert Prof. Dr. Günther Amann. 

This bed makes your headaches disappear and helps with various clinical health issues related to back pain.

It also improves the melatonin production in the brain, and, with a music pillow, decreases stress for the most comfortable sleep.

The Bed & Accomodation

House of Time is a luxury hotel in the heart of Vienna offering 5 themed luxury suites with extraordinary facilities, such as private sauna, private rooftop, terrace and private cinema.

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Wold Class Gourmet Breakfast

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Experience the best breakfast you'll ever have after getting the best sleep with all-day breakfast service, available for every type of suite. Enjoy a fresh and authentic Austrian luxury breakfast at any time of the day.

Free Minibar

All our guest are entitled to a free minibar à la discrétion, which includes our own house wine. 

Luxury Facility

House of Time offers additional facilities, such as the Club 39 and Meditation Room.

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Selected Client Reviews

The best sleep I ever had, no more back pain!

Post on: April 2019

The most comfortable bed, went to sleep with a headache which was gone in the morning.

Post on: May 2019

Fit in the morning like a athlete!

Post on: July 2019