Luxury Vienna Experience

Luxury Vienna Experience

Vienna, the beautiful capital of Austria, is a city rich in history, culture, and luxury. The recent Mercer Quality of Life survey deemed Vienna to have the best quality of life amongst all the cities in the world.

The residence of many historical royalties, Vienna radiates luxury and elegance suited for this beautiful city. In a city full of luxury, there are many luxury stops to shop, enjoy an amazing meal, and explore the Austrian city.

There are plenty of activities to partake in when you’re travelling to Austria and to make it easier for you, we have curated a blog dividing the activities and places for the best luxury Vienna experience.

Luxury Things to do in Vienna

From the best shopping destinations to the finest dining with spectacular views, here’s a list of to-do activities for the ultimate luxury Vienna experience.

1: Shopping

luxury vienna shopping

The Golden Quarter

The “Golden Quarter” is the main area for luxury shopping in Vienna. The combination of modern architecture, the beautiful historic monuments make for a truly luxurious ambience. The Golden Quarter is home to quite a few international high-end fashion designers like Alexander McQueen, Prada, Saint Laurent, Valentino and more. With 11,000 square meters of area making up the Golden Quarter, all the fashion and luxury brands together in one place, similar to metropolitan cities like New York, London, Paris, etc.
The Golden Quarter came about when the Kohlmarkt joined across the Graben to the Tuchlauben, and the “Golden Mile” became the Golden Quarter, housing some of the world renowned designer brands.

Kärntner Straße

Kärntner Straße, or Carinthian Street, is one of Vienna's most famous shopping streets,adorned with historical buildings, charming cafes, and several flagship stores for many internationally known brands. One of the must-visit flagship stores for the luxury Vienna experience is the Swarovski store, an Austrian brand with worldwide recognition.

Mariahilfer Straße

Another one of Vienna's most famous shopping streets, Mariahilfer Strasse is also the longest shopping street in Austria.
Mariahilferstrasse has all the things you need, from clothes to shoes to home decor you name it. This beautiful street is popular amongst both locals and tourists as it has a store for almost every product. Don’t miss a chance to visit this amazing street for the ultimate experience of luxury shopping in Vienna.

2: Fine Dining

luxury vienna dining


The Steirereck is not only one of the best restaurants in Vienna but also won the tenth place in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. The ambience and environment at Steirereck is an absolute luxury Vienna experience one has to experience once in their life. Experience fine dining while enjoying the greenery at Steirereck.

Le Ciel by Toni Mörwald

Le Ciel (The Sky in French) is a restaurant on the 7th floor of the Grand Hotel Wien. The beautiful view of the city of Vienna along with the exquisite cuisine and exclusive cutlery makes dining at Le Ciel a luxury Vienna Experience you truly can’t forget.

 Silvio Nickol at Palais Coburg

Silvio Nickol is the winner of two Michelin Stars and offers the finest cuisine in Vienna. Enjoy a 5-course meal or maybe a 9-course meal prepared to exceptional standards, along with award-winning wine pairings. Make a reservation at Silvio Nickol on your next trip to Vienna to enjoy the luxurious culinary adventure.

3: Explore the City

luxury vienna explore

Vienna is a city full of history, culture, and the arts. There is much to the city that is to be explored. Take private tours or walking group tours to know more about the City of Music. Book a limousine for a luxury Vienna experience and visit all the popular places in Vienna. Or join a small walking tour group for tours of “dark places” in Vienna. With several hidden secrets in this beautiful city, you never run out of places to explore.Visit unusual museums like the Museum of Art Fakes or the Globe Museum or enjoy a relaxing time dining at the Palmenhaus with a view of the royal gardens.