Relax at one of the best  in Vienna

Vienna, Austria, is a city that celebrates the sensory pleasures inspired by art, music, architecture and cuisine. In its bustling heart, house of time is a residence inviting you to replenish your physical, mental and spiritual energy with an array of luxury wellness amenities to ease your mind.

Replenish your energy reserves in the house of time

After a day of travel, meetings or exploring Vienna, our luxury beds are among the best in the city. Featuring the exclusive SAMINA organic bed system, which only uses 100% natural materials, our plush beds have special earthing mattress toppers, which restore the natural connection between your body and the earth. Another special feature: SAMINA Gravity®, which positions the bed at a slight angle (up to five degrees) to promote the body’s natural regenerative processes.

But it is not just the mattresses and materials that set new standards. When it comes to size, our 270 x 240cm (8 x 9ft) beds redefine conventional notions of spaciousness. Additionally, all beds come with a red nightlight to promote melatonin production and a selection of pillows, including innovative music pillows, to make it easier to fall asleep and enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

House of Time Vienna

Water: elixir of life

Revitalisation is also ensured via Grander water flowing from every water fitting. The Grander method gives water the energy of a mountain stream – which is lastingly transferred to the body when you drink it, shower in it or bathe in it.